Tree & Hedge Planting

We are providing only the best trees, hedges & shrubs for your Langley, Fraser Valley home or business landscape.

Whether you’re looking to solidify your property with more privacy by having trees and hedges planted, or just simply want to add an attractive centerpiece to your yard, or even a mixture of both, you can be sure to count on Langley Landscaping Guys for all your needs in property improvement. Our amazing team of experienced professionals are eager to work closely with homeowners and property managers to ensure that the appropriate size and type of plant species are used for your specific landscape and development needs.

Why should you choose Langley Landscaping Guys for your upcoming home or business landscape project?

When it comes to landscaping and property improvement, we know you have many choices considering which contractor to select. That’s why we want to you know that when you choose us, you are also partnering up with a small, local family-owned business that exclusively serves Langley and the lower mainland.

With over ten years of experience in keeping properties looking their sharpest, you can be sure to hold us accountable towards the highest standard of property improvement and development efficiency.

In other words, we understand how important your property’s appearance is to your business reputation, that’s why we make it our mission to provide each and every client with the most advanced expert knowledge in landscaping while providing the highest standard of reliability.

Our Proprietary Landscaping Process

At the Langley Landscaping Guys, we’ve worked closely with many residential and commercial clients within Langley and the lower mainland over decades of service. By ensuring proper care into our preparation, our successful efforts in the tree and hedge planting can be seen throughout the local area and beyond. Here’s a glimpse of how our tree and hedge planting process works:

  • We begin with the initial consultation, ideally on-site of the future development project.
  • Our expert team will carefully listen to all of your needs while contributing any necessary suggestions along the way.
  • We remain attentive to all owner needs accordingly with the planting of proper tree and shrub species appropriate for their specific landscape.
  • Before any planting being done, it should be determined whether an arrangement for an irrigation specialist is needed before moving further.
  • We proceed as planned on an agreed scheduled time and begin planting the trees and shrubs, developing the landscape as promised.
  • From there, you are on your way to having lush, vibrant trees and shrubs planted on your property for seasons to come.

Of course, the most accurate estimate can be best given upon a site visit where our experts cananswer any questions you might have regarding your new tree and hedge installations. The cost of the project will be decisively factored around the quantity desired, type of species chosen, and overall property accessibility.

To get started on improving your landscape as soon as possible, you are welcome to give us a call or you may fill out our online contact form, and we’ll be sure to get in contact with you promptly!

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