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If you are within Langley, British Columbia, our contractors would love for you to contact us for a quote if you are looking for environmentally friendly gardening, lawn care, and landscaping services. Our transformative work will give you the answer to your filthy yard.

We want to put our over 15 years plus experience in landscaping to work for you together with our pronounced techniques. Some of the most distinctive landscaping in Langley, BC have been built and maintained by the Langley Landscaping Guys.

Everything you need to maintain, design, and install your outdoor environment is offered by the contractors at the Langley Landscaping Guys. We put more emphasis on providing unparalleled customer service and to finding and evaluating the finest plant materials.

Design and Install Residential and Commercial Landscapes in Langley, BC

Our landscapers and lawn service professionals have been around since 1985 have been happily serving the Langley neighbourhoods. Around the Langley area, they have designed and installed some of the highest artistic and distinctive landscapes. Through our installation practices, we offer a specific track record of design functionality, creativeness, and originality.

To comprehend a client’s budget requirements and specific goals the design process calls for a landscape partner with deep understanding. To make any adjustments during construction, you must have a comprehensive plan of action. At all times ensure what the client wished-for from the start is the exact representation of the final product.

Residential & Commercial Landscape Customizations and Installations For Your Langley Property

  • Restaurants and Churches
  • Resorts and Lodging Houses
  • Solo Family Houses
  • Real Estate Developments
  • Commercial Office Buildings and Patios
  • Multifamily Projects

Langley Commercial Landscaping

It is crucial to growing your equity in that outdoor space as soon as you have invested in your landscape. To accommodate any landscape maintenance, landscape design or installations, the Langley Landscaping Guys offer a broad list of landscape services suitable for any landscape and garden.

With our extensive knowledge in horticulture, our landscape design contractors completely fathom the dedication and responsiveness our clients expect in their landscape management needs. Being our third decade in the landscaping business, attention to high safety standards and innovative problem-solving skills is what our team is well-known for. We are insured, and licensed landscapers in Langley, BC, and our staff are professional and uninformed.

Our services include:

  • Seasonal Flower Rotation
  • Pest control & fertilization
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Installation and Repair of Irrigation
  • Landscape Installations, Landscape Services, and Landscape Design
  • Contracts On Property Maintenance
  • Water Gardens, Mulch, Sod, Patios, and Rocks
  • Lawn Care, Lawn Mowing, Trees & Shrubs Commercially
  • Lakefront restoration
  • Garden Design
  • Paving Stones


We cover the following areas and cities and everything else in between Langley:

  • Walnut Grove, British Columbia
  • Langley City, British Columbia
  • Campbell Valley, British Columbia
  • Langley Township, British Columbia
  • Fort Langley, British Columbia
  • If requested we can drive out to as far as Vancouver

Our specialty landscape services at the Langley Landscaping Guys include trellis, fire pit areas, concrete, turf, water gardens, outdoor kitchens, garden care, and arbors to mention but a few.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Landscape Company

Sometimes staring a landscape installations project can be overwhelming. This is because of the many questions that you may have before deciding on the specific time you should begin the project.

On the South coast of Vancouver, BC landscaping can be done at any time of the year, which makes it more favourable. However choosing the best time for this task depends on several things such as; the laws and restrictions set by the local authority, availability of enough capital to finance the project including paying for the taxes that are incurred, the presence of the raw materials, the reliability of the landscaper and the time the project is set to be completed.

What is the best time to start the landscaping project around Langley, BC?

Structural work takes time which is the reason why starting the landscaping earlier is beneficial. September is the ideal time to start the major structural work such as making the driveways, patios, grading, installing the irrigation system, retaining walls, making drainages and designing the flower beds. Through this, the work will be completed before spring making you be at per with the planting season.

Will you help in basic tasks such as clearing the yard and lawn?

Yes. We are the best partners when it comes to landscaping. We will help you with the basic tasks such as cleaning the space you intend to carry the project on.

Things like pruning, weeding, removing dead plants, adding paving stones, and edging can be the only thing that our area requires to achieve your dream look. This will require less capital to be done.

Does landscaping mean that you will start from scratch?

This is a difficult question that most clients ask. It all depends on how your yard looks like and the design of how you want it to be after landscaping.

Some may not require you to remove everything, and others need starting from scratch as the materials in them may be of no use. For example, it might be challenging to achieve an admirable landscape if the place slopes towards the house.

Do the landscapers offer consultation and a FREE quote?

Yes, the Langley Landscaping Guys an initial one-hour consultation for a FREE quote on your landscape plus applicable taxes if you are located White Rock, Surrey, South Surrey, Langley, and Delta.

During the consultation, we will listen to your goals and objectives that you will want to achieve at the end of the landscaping process.

We will also contribute to giving you suggestions on how you can achieve it using less capital as well as having a low maintenance rate. Our aim is making you happy and satisfied with the decisions that you will make.

Do the landscapers cater to commercial clients as well as residential?

Our company caters to both commercial and residential clients. Although the landscapers are more into residential servicing, we cater to commercial clients if the landscape is less than an acre.

Do you stand behind your work?

The landscapers on staff stand up behind our work. This makes our clients have confidence in us as we are reliable partners.

Is your Langley company fully insured?

Yes, we are covered by WorkSafeBC and carry $3000000 third-party liability insurance.

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