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Turf Installers Serving Langley and The Lower Mainland

There is no greater feeling than to have a nice lawn that you have always dreamed of, not only do they make your compound look beautiful but also very satisfying to sit around and relax.

That is why Langley Landscaping Guys are here, to ensure that your dream come to true and the yard that you have always been dreaming of becomes a reality. You will realize that we have the required experience in installing beautiful lawn in both commercial and residential in the Langley area and the Lower Mainland.

Langley Landscaping Guys deal with everything that has got to do with lawns, regardless of whether your intention is to remove your old ugly lawn or you are building a new home. This is achieved by the group of professionals who ensure that proper tests are carried out and grading not only to achieve the best result but also one that will last for many years.

We are located in Langley, BC and our core job is full-service lawn maintenance. As aforementioned, Langley Landscaping Guys specialty is in planning, preparation, and installation of new turfs.

Reasons for Choosing Turfs

One of the only reasons why turf is mostly preferred for a new lawn is because it is the fast approach of having the kind of lawn that you desire in a short time regardless of whether your wish is replacing old tattered lawn or your building a new home. This is achieved as soon as the graded soil is up, the new turf is laid across the yard giving one not only an excellent yard but also easy to maintains as they are free of weed.

The Process of Installing the Turf

The first stage of installing the turf is the consultation and measurement of the property.

Depending on how you want to take care of your lawn, we handle each step differently. You will realize that with new construction, the existing soil has to be prepared and grading and drainage issues handle. As with replacement, the existing lawn will have to be removed and the land is prepared afresh with new turf blend soil.

To ensure that the lawn is properly maintained and in good condition even in harsh weather, Langley Landscaping Guys can go an extra mile and install irrigation and underground sprinklers.

After this has been done, the final step is laying the turf at the same time watering it in a uniform manner all over the site. The end result is very satisfying to the eyes.

Why Choose Us

There are so many landscape and maintenance contractors in Langley and the lower mainland, but they cannot be compared to the great services that we have to offer. This has to go along with the more than 10 years’ experience that we have had with the region in ensuring that most of the lawn that is either replaced or laid afresh live up to our great standards.

Getting in touch with s is very easy and can be done by filling in an online form or giving us a call and leave the rest to us.

We will then organize our landscape experts to pay you a visit and answer some of the burning questions that you might have as well as assessing your property and giving you an estimate of the lawn.

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